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Odor B Gone
Smelly feet and shoes getting the best of you? Then try me!

Environmentally Friendly
Safe for Regularly Use

Odor-B-Gone foot powder is specially formulated to help absorb and reduce unpleasant perspiration odours.
- Superior odour and wetness protection
- Destroys odour on contact
- Super absorbent to keep feet drier
- Guaranteed to keep your feet fresh and dry all day
1.       Simply sprinkle powder in your shoes.

 - If contents make contact with skin, eyes or mouth and irritation occurs, wash thoroughly with clean water and soap. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.
 - Although non-toxic, keep out of reach of children
 - only toxic if consumed in large volumes >20kg
 - Not for Consumption
Help Line - 010 020 4797

Please recycle after use
  Storage and Disposal
 Store in a cool, dry area. If empty, place in trash or offer for recycling if available
Environmentally Friendly Foot Powder
Does the neighbours notice when you take your shoes off?
Not to worry OdorBGone will remove the smell and kill the fungus that causes the smells.
Immediate availability
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R 99.00(VAT incl.)
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